From the experience gained, 10 years ago we decided to select our best varieties and market them directly with our brand "iFerrari Rice": Venus, Carnaroli, Apollo and Hermes.

In this way we guarantee 100% Sardinian product control of the supply chain, as we produce the seed itself of the varieties we grow.

Over the years, we have received several national awards for the quality of our products: these awards have also come from the Bolognini foundation together with the Risi National Authority, which guarantees the high quality of the product.

The desire to do better always embraces all fields of production, including as regards the environment, through both the use of 100% renewable energy and with integrated agriculture for which we have obtained the agri-food certification of Integrated Production.

Our products



4 tipi di risotto
Venere Black aromatic rice is a wholegrain rice. It is an aromatic rice, rich in nutritional elements. Perfect for risotto and rice salads and as side dish for prime types of meat and fish. Thanks to its delicate flavour you can use it in making cakes and puddings or as an ingredient in food products such as 'pomenta', bread or crèpes.




4 tipi di risotto
Carnaroli rice is ideal to prepare Italian risotti. The large and compact grains guarantee an extraordinary consistency during cooking. The high amulose content allows to cook until creamy by low-fat adding. It is also excellent to prepare soups, casseroles and salt cakes.




4 tipi di risotto

Apollo white aromatic long rice is a variety of aromatic rice characterized by a long grain. Perfect for risotto, all-in-one courses, rice salads and side dishes. Its distinctive taste makes it unique in cooking dishes in which fish or any type of meat with a delicate flavour are the main ingredient. Thanks to its aromatic flavour you cane taste i voiled dressed with olive ouil and Sardinian Sheep's milk chees. (Pecorino)




4 tipi di risotto
Ermes red aromatic wholegrain loing rice comes from the corssbreed between Venere black aromatic rice ad a rice indica type. It is an aromatci, scented rice with a long, narrow grain, which has a red pericarp rich in anthocyanins. It has a particular taste, an almost sweet flavour and it is a perfect side dish for fish or legumes. If overcooked, it holds up to cooking.