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If you want to discover all the benefits of rice, you just have to read this article.

Rice is perhaps the oldest cereal; it belongs to the family of grasses, particularly rich in fibres, vitamins and minerals.

We produce different variety of rice, including basmati rice, wild black rice, red rice, brown rice and white rice.

One of the main advantages of rice is digestibility, as well as glucose content which contributes to regulate the intestinal immune system.

Rice contains a lot of potassium and little sodium; it is highly recommended for those who suffer from hypertension and for the same reason is indicated to withstand physical fatigue.

Rice, or rather rice starch, is a very good ingredient in natural beauty recipes: it is ideal for delicate and irritated skin, as it has an emollient, refreshing and anti-inflammatory action.

The rice is gluten-free and can therefore also be eaten by those suffering from celiac disease.

All these benefits followed by a proper diet will make you happy and health!