Water is a fundamental element for human life and for our Planet, and a precious commodity that must not be wasted.In agriculture, with the passage of time, we have increasingly tried to use this element responsibly to avoid waste and reduce consumption.We rice growers also try to do our part by carefully and constantly monitoring the level of submersion water present in the paddy field.Contrary to what one might think seeing the large expanses of fresh water, the paddy field does not represent a waste of water, but rather it is an example of reuse and savings "proving to be the crop that optimizes its use better than any other. of water resources ”(study by the Est Sesia irrigation association).In fact, most of the water is absorbed by the soil, and the excess water is reused several times through the drains.Furthermore, thanks to the use of new digital agriculture techniques in the paddy field, we have been able to further optimize the use of water.All this therefore has a positive impact on the environment and received to safeguard biodiversity as the presence of algae, fish, worms and amphibians present in the paddy field, favors the life of protected species such as herons, knights of Italy, hawks. and the famous pink flamingos (here in Sardinia called “sa genti arrubia”)